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Ancient world studies
Architecture and Design english version
Art history and performing arts. (Visual, Digital Arts, theatre, cinema, dance, cultural heritage)
Astronautics, Electrical and Energetics Engineering
Basic and applied sciences for engineering
Biochemical sciences "Alessandro Rossi Fanelli" english version
Biology and biotechnology "Charles Darwin"
Cardiovascular, respiratory, nephrologic and geriatric sciences
Cellular biotechnology and hematology
Chemical materials, environmental engineering
Civil, building and environmental engineering english version
Classic and modern studies
Clinical and molecular medicine
Clinical medicine
Communication and Social Research
Computer, Control and Management engineering english version
Computer Science english version
Criminal, philosophical and canonical sciences
DATA - Design and architectural, territorial, environmental technologies
Developmental and social Psychology
Document studies, linguistics and geography
Drug chemistry and technologies
Dynamic and clinical psychology
Earth sciences
Economics and Law english version
Environmental Biology
European, american and intercultural studies
Experimental medicine
General surgery, surgical specialities and organ ransplantation "Paride Stefanini".
Gynecology-Obstetrics & Urology
History, cultures, religions
History, representation and restoration of architecture
Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
Italian institute of oriental studies
Law and Economics of productive activities
Legal studies
Mathematics english version
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Medico-surgical sciences and biotechnologies
Methods and Models for Economics, Territory and Finance english version
Molecular medicine
Neurology e Psychiatry
Neurosciences, mental health and sensory organs
Oral and maxillo-facial sciences
Pediatrics and pediatric Neuropsychiatry
Physics english version
Physiology and Pharmacology "Vittorio Erspamer"
Psychology english version
Public health and infectious diseases
Radiological sciences, Oncology and Anatomical Pathology
Radiological sciences, Oncology and anatomical Pathology
Sense Organs
Social sciences english version
Statistical Sciences english version
Structural and geotechnical engineering english version
Surgery " Pietro Valdoni"
Surgical and medical sciences and translational medicine
Surgical sciences