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Philosophy, Arts and Humanities and Oriental Studies

The Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Humanities and Oriental Studies combines the four disciplines that form its name. Some of the great masters of the Italian humanities culture of the last centuries were taught in this Sapienza Faculty. This important tradition is today integrated with the modern world's most recent knowledge to form professionals and give students opportunities relevant to today's society.
Degree programmes range from Archaeology and Classical Studies to Modern and Contemporary History, from all kinds of Philosophical Studies to Economics and International Cooperation, from Oriental Languages to Development of Fashion and Social Phenomena.
This extraordinary interdisciplinary wealth can also count on an excellent teaching team and active student participation to make this Faculty one of the most sought after by young people.
The Faculty is one of the most famous faculties at Sapienza University, having always been at the centre of important historical events in Italy, such as the 1968 protest movement
The Department of Philosophy is situated in a beautiful, old building called Villa Mirafiori. It was renowned as the first specialised philosophy faculty established in Italy in 1925.
The Italian Institute of Oriental Studies is one of the most important centres in Italy for the study of Chinese, Indian and other Asian cultures and languages.
Literary, classical and archaeological studies have a very important and world-renowned tradition in Italy.
This Faculty gives students the opportunity to be a part of this long and continuing tradition of excellence in the field. Many of the Faculty's graduates are highly sought after in both the public and private sectors as their vast knowledge and lateral thinking make them the kind of problem solvers any employer would want in his or her workplace.